About Us - Windsor Connect

Who Is Windsor Connect?

Windsor Connect is a progressive group of business professionals who represent various industry sectors around Windsor-Essex County. The group consists of like-minded individuals who work as hard to build each others businesses as they do their own. The group employs an advanced and unique approach to the referral marketing process, using a combination of traditional and 21st century networking and marketing strategies.

Windsor Connect believes that success comes from having more than just a great product or service; a greater level of success can only be achieved through effective promotion, referrals, awareness and bonded relationships.

Commitment and attitude play a huge part in being a successful member of Windsor Connect. Membership is a privilege, not a right, and should be appreciated for the value that it brings its members. As a member you are entitled to an exclusive representation of your business category so that you receive all the benefits of the referrals that your fellow members will gather for your specialty.

The Windsor-Essex County business community is tightly knit and reputations carry strength! Building strong relationships with those that influence the community will define the level of success you will achieve.

Code of Ethics

Like every successful business we adhere to and are bound by a Code of Ethics.

  • I will work hard for fellow members of this group to provide effective referrals.
  • I will not use hard sell tactics on any member or guest of the group.
  • I will respect the privacy of our members and will not disclose any personal information to others.
  • I will follow up on referrals courteously and with integrity and professionalism.
  • I will be committed to this group by contributing to the success of each meeting an by maintaining good attendance, arriving on time and following the rules and policies of the membership
  • I will use this network to build relationships and build trust with other members and their referrals.