Meeting Structure - Windsor Connect

Our Meeting Structure

Structure is paramount.  Windsor Connect has developed and adheres to a very defined agenda for the 90-minute meeting.   Members are required to arrive at the meeting at 10:45 am, participate in 15 minutes of networking and social engagement.  The meeting starts sharply at 11:00 am and the agenda is executed.  Mealtime and additional social time are woven into the agenda when we meet in-person.   For our virtual meetings, there is no mealtime however,  we have specifically segmented a specific time for networking.  There is a presenting speaker at each meeting, these are called “Spotlight Presenters”.  Following -or throughout the presentation- there will be time set aside for Q&A of the topic.   Following the presentation, the agenda is reengaged and the meeting comes to a sharp end at 12:30 pm.   We respect everyone’s time commitments, so we ensure we stay on time and on track for each meeting.

Our membership meetings are always the first three Thursdays of each month.  We meet virtually for each meeting + one meeting per month will be offered as an in-person meeting, which is set at a pre-defined location -which changes from month to month.  If you are unable to attend the in-person meeting, that is Ok you are welcome to join virtually as well.  Good attendance is required and there are guidelines that each member is made aware of for situations where they are unable to attend meetings.   A minimum attendance of 85% is required for members.  Windsor Connect believes that members who are able and willing to commit to this requirement are members who want to be part of our membership.  Commitment is a key sign of a business professional who exemplifies the level of members we are seeking.

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