Membership Benefits - Windsor Connect

Understand Our Membership Benefits

Joining the Windsor Connect group involves an in-depth vetting process that ensures we maintain a high standard of quality members. When you become a member of Windsor Connect you join an exclusive group of individuals who have stood the test of time, have proven their skills and capabilities, have built and maintain a paramount reputation within their industry and are strong business leaders within our community. Windsor Connect is not about filling a membership quota; we are focused on building a membership team that includes the best of the best in our community.

The membership is restricted to a total of 35 members and each member must represent a different industry. No two members can represent the same industry category; this ensures that we have selected the best candidates from each industry sector.  Taking the time to select the best industry candidates provides the membership complete confidence to refer their friends, family, colleagues, customers or other acquaintances for your product or service.

Members pay an Annual Fee that is collected for the sole purpose of promoting the memberships products, services and the Windsor Connect membership. Our member-directed marketing committee consists of top-talent from the following specialists: a strategy Marketer, an IT solutions specialist, a Hospitality specialist and a Customer Service specialist. This talented group determines the most effective methods for marketing and promotion opportunities.  It is this collection of specialists and their talents that help to make the Windsor Connect membership a superior local referral-network marketing membership.

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