Membership Process - Windsor Connect

Our process is simple, but in-depth.

New Member

A new member completes a ‘request for membership’ application.

The applicant’s name and business are presented to the entire membership for, concerns, support and other relevant feedback.

The membership committee reviews the application as well as the memberships’ feedback and comments; they contact the applicants’ business and personal references. The membership committee reviews the application and either approves or declines the application. The applicant is then notified of their application status.

Successful members are invited to a specific meeting date and are inducted and introduced to the membership.

New members are assigned a Membership Coach who will help them to understand their membership role and how to maximize the benefit from the membership and how to best understand and help other members.

New members are regularly supported during their first 90-days of membership to ensure they are acclimating to the group and being an active participant. After the 90-days they are granted full membership and will begin enjoying the benefits of all the marketing and promotions that the club provides.

Renewing Member

Membership with Windsor Connect is not guaranteed simply because you have paid your annual dues.  Membership is a privilege that you must continue to work toward maintaining.

The anniversary of your induction will mark your renewal period.  You will be required to submit a ‘membership renewal’ application which is received and reviewed by the membership committee.  The committee will look at your level of participation over the past year, your activity and interactions with other members and your overall contribution to the membership.  If you are deemed as an unproductive or non-participating member your membership may be revoked and your category will be opened to new applicants.

The membership committee is active in reviewing all members’ participation on a quarterly basis and will reach out to members that they feel may be at risk of non-renewal or low participation.  It is the goal of the membership committee to provide awareness and support to members throughout the year.

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